Q1: How do I book a room at UniLodge South Bank?

A1: Simply complete the online booking form.

Q2: Can I inspect UniLodge South Bank’s apartments?

A2: Absolutely! Display apartments (Studio and 6 Bedroom Apartment) are now open for viewings. Call us on +61 7 35055700 or [email protected]

Q3: Who pays for the electricity, water and internet connection?

A3: Electricity, internet connection and water is included in your rent.

Q4: Will there be car park spaces available?

A4: There will be a limited number of car park spaces available at an additional charge. These car park spaces will be available from Semester 2, 2017.

Q5: What is the residential life program? 

A5: Our Residential Life Program is called Community Spirit Program – and it’s designed to bring out your best acedemically and socially. It’s a great way to try new experiences and make new friends! Click Here for more information.

Q6. Can I bring my pet with me?

A6. Unfortunately pets are not accepted at this property.

Q7. Do I need to bring my bedroom and bathroom linen?

A7. UniLodge South Bank is one of our premium properties and this has been included as part of your booking.

Q8. Do I need to bring kitchenwares?

A8. Your kitchen will be fitted out with your kitchen essentials. Including: plate, cups, utensils and cooking essentials. As a premium UniLodge property we have included this as part of your booking.

Q9. What kind of contracts does this property offer?

A9. We are currently accepting Full Year and Half Year leases. If your requirements are outside of these terms, please email us directly.

Q10. What fees are payable to reserve my booking?

Q10. To secure your booking we require an advance deposit, which is an amount equal to two (2) weeks’ rent (inclusive of GST).

Q11. When will the advanced booking amount be charged?

A11. The advanced booking deposit will be requested for payment once your booking enquiry has been approved.

Q12. What currency are prices quoted in?

A12. All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars (or New Zealand Dollars if it is the case that you book a property located in New Zealand).